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Into the Future Slimline Windows, it Glides not Slides

Slimline windows

Slimline windows are all about simplicity, and focus on the idea of ‘See More’. It aims at adding the ‘Larger than Life’ element to the interiors, providing a glance from a far. Slim line windows were designed to ensure that the interiors and the exterior get splashed with the flavor of minimalistic panache, and what better to achieve that than slim windows with liberty to explore the creativity and imply innovative designs. Candor View windows have gained fame as the windows ‘That Glide’, and are leading the race for producing the most futuristic and minimally designed windows.

Windows of Tomorrow

Candor View windows, are driven by the idea of connecting the inside to the outside. Their simplicity and minimalistic panache are getting recognition around the globe, creating and uproar in the demand in all sectors of life. Available in options like double or triple glazed, these windows are perfect for the new-age urban setting, since they provide thermal and sound insulation. Special consideration is granted to security, as Candor View windows come with the option of manual or automatic locking. Slim Line windows operate on Ball bearing mechanism, which allows accommodation of up to 500kgs per panel manually and 1500kgs motorized, depending on the design and the space available. It makes sure of covering as many areas of concern and interest to ensure total freedom and optimum utilization of space and resources.

Slim windows are perfect, for the architect or the owner to fiddle around with the design. They’re compact, effective and efficient. To top it all off, Slim Line windows are available at a really suitable cost. That is why there is a sudden boom and demand for them in the market, and we’re providing just that, without compromising on quality at all. Perfection is definitely a myth, but when it comes to windows, this is close to it as we are in this era.

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