A telescopic sliding door is a type of automatic sliding door system commonly use in commercial and public buildings. It is design to maximize the width of the door opening while minimizing the space require for the doors to slide open. Telescopic sliding door systems for shops and internal. Explore electric telescopic door options Innovative Solutions for Shops and Malls

Telescopic sliding doors consist of multiple door panels or leaves that slide past each other when opening and closing, much like the tubes of a telescope extending and retracting. Telescopic sliding door systems for shops and internal. Explore electric telescopic door options Innovative Solutions for Shops and Malls

telescopic sliding doors internal

Telescopic sliding doors are a type of automatic door system that allows for a larger opening width compared to traditional sliding doors. Here’s a detailed breakdown of their design and functionality:

Design and Operation:

  • Telescopic sliding doors consist of multiple door leaves (usually two or more) that open and slide over each other.
  • These leaves are design to nest together when the door is open, maximizing the opening space.
  • They operate on a track system with the door leaves suspend from or running along the track.


  • The leaves are interconnected so that when the lead leaf is pull or push, the other leaves follow in a sequential manner.
  • This is achieve through a series of trolleys and interlocking mechanisms that ensure the doors open and close in a synchronized fashion.
  • The motion can be initiate manually or through an automate system that detects approaching traffic using sensors.


  • The door panels can be made of glass, metal, or a combination, depending on the aesthetic and functional requirements.
  • The framing is typically aluminum or another lightweight, sturdy material that can support the door panels while providing smooth operation.


  • Telescopic doors provide a wide opening that can be beneficial in areas where space is at a premium, such as retail entrances, office buildings, and public transport hubs.
  • They allow for efficient crowd management by facilitating quicker and easier access, especially in high-traffic areas.
  • The transparent nature of glass panels can offer a seamless and unobstructed view, which is often desirable in commercial settings for display purposes.

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Installation Considerations:

  • Telescopic doors require precise installation to ensure that the doors open and close correctly.
  • Space above and beside the door opening must be considered for the track and the nested doors when fully open.
  • Regular maintenance is required to keep the mechanisms clean and well-lubricated for smooth operation.

Safety Features:

  • These doors usually come with sensors that prevent them from closing if an obstacle is detect in the doorway.
  • In the case of power failure, they can be equip with backup systems to allow for manual operation or to ensure they remain open/closed as needed for security.

Energy Efficiency:

  • When closed, telescopic sliding doors can provide a tight seal, which helps to maintain the indoor climate and reduce energy consumption.
  • They can also be fitted with energy-efficient glass to minimize heat loss.

Telescopic sliding doors are a sophisticated solution where wide openings and efficient space utilization are needed, combining modern aesthetics with advanced functionality.

Advantages of Telescopic sliding doors

  1. Space-Efficient Design: Telescopic doors are ideal for areas with limited space. Since they consist of multiple door panels that overlap, they require less wall space for opening and closing compared to traditional single leaf sliding doors.
  2. Wide Openings: These doors are excellent for creating wide and inviting entrances, making them suitable for high-traffic areas like shopping malls, Airports, and large retail stores.
  3. Automatic Operation: Telescopic Sliding doors are typically Equip with Automatic sensors, motion Detectors, or buttons for Soft Close Telescopic Slider hands-free operation. This feature enhances convenience and accessibility.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Many Telescopic door systems Incorporate energy-saving features, such as adjustable opening and closing speeds and sensors that Minimize the time the door remains open, Helping to conserve indoor climate control.
  5. Safety Features: Telescopic sliding doors are equip with safety sensors that detect obstacles or people in their path. If an obstruction is detect, the doors will stop and reverse direction to prevent accidents.
  6. Accessibility: These doors are often use in settings so where accessibility is crucial, such as hospitals, airports, and public buildings. They can easily accommodate wheelchairs, strollers, and Individuals with mobility challenges.
  7. Aesthetics: Telescopic Sliding doors offer a modern and sleek Appearance, Telescopic sliding doors Internal Enhancing the Architectural Aesthetics of the building. They are available in various Finishes and Materials to match the overall design.
  8. Security: Telescopic doors can integrate with access control Systems, allowing for secure entry and exit. They are commonly use in conjunction with card readers, keypads, or Biometric devices.
  9. Noise Reduction: So, The Overlapping design of Telescopic doors can help reduce noise Transmission between indoor and outdoor spaces. Making them suitable for areas where noise control is important.
  10. Customization: Telescopic door are available in various Configurations, Including two-panel, three-panel, or four-panel designs, depending on the desired width of the opening.

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Telescopic sliding doors

Firstly Telescopic sliding doors are Versatile and offer practical Solutions Telescopic door for shop for Buildings. Where space Utilization, Accessibility, and Energy Efficiency are Essential Considerations. They are commonly in modern Commercial and Soft Close telescopic door for shop, Telescopic Slider public Buildings. Providing a Seamless and Efficient entry and exit experience for users.

telescopic sliding doorsSecondly Telescopic door is use in various commercial. Because Public, and Institutional Settings to Provide Efficient, Space-Saving, and Aesthetically Pleasing Entrances. Their Unique design, which Involves multiple door panels sliding past each other. Offers several Benefits and makes them Suitable for a range of Applications.

Similarly Telescopic sliding doors offer a blend of Functionality. Aesthetics, and space Efficiency. They are Particularly Suitable for Locations with limit wall space. Telescopic door system internal or high Volumes of foot traffic, Making them a popular choice for many Commercial and public Facilities. Telescopic sliding door systems for shops and internal. Explore electric Telescopic door for shop options Innovative Solutions for Shops and Malls