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Aluminium Windows India

Aluminium Windows India

Welcome to GT Eurogroove (P) Ltd, the most versatile Aluminium Windows India company . GTE is the Indian subsidiary of Middle Eastern GTMI Group.  The Group is  in existence since 1976 and since then have pioneered the Fenestration Industry.

GTE possesses one the biggest and most advanced plant in entire India with office and showroom in Delhi and corporate office and  factory in Bahadurgarh, Haryana, with capacity to produce over 7000 Aluminium windows in India per month.

aluminium windows india

Affordable aluminium windows India are highly resistant to corrosion and rust whilst offering strength, and durability. An Affordable aluminium window is maintenance free, built to last and above all, a premium product. Aluminium is extrememly recyclable and very environmentally friendly – it’s life span is measured in decades instead of just years.

Aluminium Windows also allow you to have your windows coloured any of over 200 different RAL colours. It is even possible to have your windows manufactured to have alternate colours on the inside and out. Affordable aluminium products are painted in a polyester powder coat finish, which we bake on for a resilient and tough paint finish that will not flake or fade over time.

As we manufacture a wide variety of aluminium windows from the biggest names in the industry, we can recommend the system that best meets your requirements. If you are looking for a feature, or a specific design then please contact us.

Our German window system with the co-ordination of VEKA, a leading supplier of Polymer Solution are specially engineered to work in all climates, with assurance of the highest standard in energy efficiency. Our Team takes pride with our job, we ensure you fast, friendly and professional services. Your desire is our business so it is our objective to provide you with our best services.

“We are committed to advancing our company in the interest of our clientele.”


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aluminium windows india


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Sliding Windows

aluminium windows india

Stick Curtain Walls

Structural Glazing


Aluminium Doors

Aluminium Windows

aluminium windows

Curtain Walls

aluminium windows india

Unitized System

aluminium windows india

There are a lot of different aluminium products that are available. Many people make the assumption that aluminium doors and windows are all that we produce. In fact, we manufacture not only doors, but also Windows, curtain walls, unitized systems, fighting Windows, stick curtain walls, structural glazing, as well as ACP.

Aluminium is used due to the many benefits. It’s affordable first and foremost, which makes it possible to improve aesthetics across the building, inside and out, without having to have a large budget.

Strength and durability is another area that is provided with aluminium. It helps to create a structurally sound window or door, which is obviously critical. Warmth and comfort is also provided because aluminium is thermally efficient. This can reduce the cost of heating bills throughout the winter months by keeping the cold air on the outside. Throughout the warmer months, it can also reduce the cost of cooling bills.

Finally, at Eurogroove, we are able to create elegant designs with the aluminium, and offer an array of colours and finishes for you to choose from so that you have a custom look.

Particularly on the outside of buildings, curtain walls are necessary to resist wind forces and air and water infiltration. We are known for our design of curtain walls, and architects and contractors will then fill the aluminum frame with glass. It helps to provide environmental control and improve daylighting.

All of our aluminium products go above and beyond expectations of our clients on a regular basis – and it is why we continue to be a premier supplier after being in business for decades. Whether you require aluminium doors & windows or something very different, we look forward to providing you with assistance. Contact us today to learn more about below mentioned products.

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