Aluminum sliding windows have become the go-to choose for modern Construction, Aluminum windows frames Aluminum casement windows offering a blend of strength. Durability, and sleek Design. Their Popularity is owed to Several Compelling Features that cater to both Residential and Commercial property owners. Aluminum sliding windows Discover the strength and beauty of aluminum window frames. Our guide details the benefits and options available for your residential or commercial property.

Why Choose Aluminium Windows?


Aluminium is resistant to the elements, ensuring that the windows Maintain their Integrity over time without Warping, Cracking, or Splitting.

Low Maintenance:

Unlike wood that may require Frequent Painting and Treatments, Aluminium Windows are low Maintenance, needing only Occasional Cleaning to keep them looking new.

Energy Efficiency:

When combine with energy-efficient glass, Similarly Aluminium Window frames can Significantly reduce heating and cooling costs.


With their slim profiles, Aluminium Windows provide a sleek, Contemporary look that Complements any architectural style. They can be powder-coat in a wide range of colors to match or Contrast with your home’s decor.


Most Importantly Aluminium can easily customize into a wide array of Shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for large Panoramic Windows or small, Specialty Shapes, Aluminium Frames can be Tailor to meet your Specific Requirements.


Aluminium is 100% Recyclable and Reusable, Making it an Environmentally Friendly option for those Looking to Reduce their Carbon Footprint.

Offering the ideal blend of unlatch Aesthetics and Advance Functionality, our Aluminium Windows are Capable of taking the oomph Factor of any space to the Ultimate level.

They are Manufacture and design with Precision to meet the Unique Requirements of every Customer. Customize window designs are also available. Our Aluminium Windows prices are very Reasonable. As a result, AIS Windows is a name you can trust if you need the most Extraordinary Aluminium Windows for your home, office, or any other Establishment!

Contemporary, Sophisticate, Robust, and easy-to-operate – that is what Aluminium windows stand for. Aluminium Windows with their ability to withstand all climatic changes have become the preferred choice for Customers.

Eurogroove is one of the largest and leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of high-quality Aluminium Windows in India. We offer a fine range of Windows that are Designed to give a Minimalist yet ultra-modern style Statement to your space.

Types of Aluminium Windows

  • Sliding Windows: Ideal for spaces where you don’t want the window to project outwards. Sliding windows offer easy operation with a stylish, Aluminum casement windows contemporary look.
  • Casement Windows: Attach to the frame by one or more hinges, casement windows swing outwards like a door, Aluminum sliding windows However, providing excellent ventilation.
  • Fixed Windows: These do not open and are often use in combination with other window types. They’re perfect for areas where light and aesthetics are a priority over ventilation.
  • Tilt and Turn Windows: This European-style window offers dual functionality: tilting inwards for ventilation and swinging inwards for easy cleaning.

Installation and Cost

Most Importantly The installation of Aluminum windows design should ideally be done by professionals. Aluminum windows design To ensure proper fitting and to maximize their energy-efficient benefits. As for the cost.

While Aluminum windows design can be more expensive than some other types, But their longevity and low Aluminum casement windows so maintenance can make them a more cost-effective option in the long run.

Aluminum windows frames


Firstly Aluminium windows are a Smart investment for any property owner looking for a blend of style, So Aluminum window frames performance, and Durability. Secondly Whether you are Building a new home or Upgrading your existing windows, After that Aluminum windows frames provides a robust solution that can elevate the look and feel of your space.

Enhance your kitchen with the sleek and functional kitchen aluminium windows design available at Eurogroove. Our aluminium window kitchen designs are tailored to blend aesthetics with practicality, providing optimal light and ventilation. Explore a variety of kitchen aluminium window design that can transform the look and feel of your cooking space, making it more inviting and efficient. Each design is crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and durability, ensuring a seamless integration into any kitchen style.