We all live in Villas and Apartments that overlook vehicular traffic with all its noise and air pollution. This makes housekeeping even more of a chore. Eurogroove Windows Systems have been thoughtfully designed to keep out what doesn’t belong in a clean and restful environment.

It takes only half as much time to clean tilt-andturn windows, as their openings allow you to swipe both sides at the same time. Being made of exceptionally durable uPVC, Our windows are extremely resistant to pollution, diluted acids and alkalis. No special maintenance regime beyond the use of appropriate standard household cleaners is required. All in all, a GTE Windows System is virtually guaranteed to help you save plenty of time and money over the long duration of its use.


GTE Windows incorporate an 8mm overlap between frame and sash, as well as dual compression gaskets, to prevent both dust penetration and water infiltration. They boast a proven water tightness of at least 2 litres/min/m2 @ 700 Pa (tested in accordance with GB/T7108-2002). So your home stays absolutely dry however heavily it might be raining outside.


The sealing in GTE Windows Systems is calibrated to achieve excellent air tightness of less than 0.1 m3/hr/m2 @ 10 Pa (tested in accordance with GB/T7107-2002). This effectively stops dust drifting in from the outside, which drastically reduces the time you’ll need to spend cleaning your home.