Shera Boards

With changing times and the increased threats in our environment, therefore our walls need all the added levels and layers of protection it can get. And despite the fact that numerous options are available in the market, most of them come with their limitations, but not Shera Boards. Shera board is a unique fibre cement composite of natural fibres bonded tightly in a high-grade silicate structure, and is used for interior and exterior installation purposes.

Tough and Tidy

Shera Board comes with benefits that exceeds it’s vision. It is capable of providing resistance against weather, which means the damage from heat or rain is going to be at bay. Shera board is immune to water damage, so you can say goodbye to damp walls. It is also additionally fire resistant, which can prove to be a life saving feature in case of a misfortune. It’s flexibility allows the designers with complete freedom to meddle with the design and create a structure which is secure, and attractive too. Moreover, unlike other alternatives, Shera board is also termite resistant, a problem which has been responsible for hollowing thousands of homes and establishment of most of the pest control companies. Shera board just keeps on giving.

Eurogroove has come together in collaboration with Shera, since their product and it’s esteemed qualities gelled perfectly well enough with our principles and expectations. Shera board can be used both for the interiors and exteriors, and it’s numerous qualities make it not only a sensible pick in Delhi/NCR, but an economical one too. Shera board is the firewall that your homes and offices have been missing.

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