This Sensual Photo Series Makes a Strong Statement on Intimacy between Same-Sex Couples

Sexuality is as essential a part of the human experience and, yet, we feel the need to keep its existence under wraps.

However, travelling educators and photographers Ewan Phelan and his wife, Brianna, have, for years, been documenting some extraordinary intimate moments between same-sex couples in the boudoir.

In a candid interview with Huffington Post, Phelan revealed to the world some of their most striking work, and it’s arresting, to suggest the least.


These are not “just pretty photos,” Phelan told The Huffington Post. “They are an extension of the individual in them, and of myself.”

Phelan intends that the viewer “should walk away feeling something from these images — good or bad.”

“I want to be able to show the viewer how I see the world. I want to show the true rawness of emotion, vulnerability and strength that is found in our sexuality.”

“Specifically for couples, I want to be able to show the true connection that exists between them in those intimate moments.”

“Our sexuality makes up a huge part of who we are as a species and as an individual. No one should be ashamed of it. Nudity and sexuality are not things that need to be hidden behind closed doors, ashamed of, or not talked about.”

“I hope that for those who feel like they have to hide who they are, or who have had part of themselves suppressed for whatever reason, will find the strength in seeing these photos — LBGT or straight.”

“I hope that these photos will bring people together to see that love and passion is all the same between those who share it with each other.”

Sexuality is natural and beautiful – regardless of gender or orientation.

You can see more of their work on Do More Wear Less and on Ewan Phelan’s website

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